Founded in 2004, Guangdong New Era New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.(Jiangmen New Era Adhesives Technology Co., Ltd.) is a national high-tech enterprise producing new materials for personal care, medical and electronic industries. The company is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. The high-tech zone has its own workshop area of more than 60,000 square meters, three 100,000-level clean workshops, and more than 30 sets (sets) of PLC computer automatic control production lines. It has jurisdiction over the big health division, the diaper material division, the medical sensor control consumables division, the biological new material division, and the electronic new material division. The company has a strong product R&D team, and has established a "Provincial R&D Center for Medical and Nursing New Materials" and a "Biotechnology R&D Center" led by postdoctoral fellows in Jiangmen and Suzhou, and has obtained 8 invention patents and 5 utility model patents. And 3 high-tech products in Guangdong Province, many products fill the - domestic - blank.

2004 year

Founded in

60 thousand

Guangdong New Era New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Compliance with laws and regulations, people-oriented, professional technology, high-quality products, perfect service and continuous improvement to win customers

The company adheres to the principle of scientific and technological innovation and high quality, adhering to the quality policy of "complying with laws and regulations, people-oriented, professional technology, high-quality products, perfect service and continuous improvement to win customers", and has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO22716 quality System certification, sensor control consumables products have obtained the approval document of the Ministry of Health and CE certification, electronic materials have passed UL certification, and patch products such as antipyretic pastes, cold compresses, and fixing tapes have obtained national medical device registration certificates.

The company has a license for medical device manufacturing enterprises, a sanitary license for disinfection product manufacturing enterprises, and a sanitary license for cosmetics manufacturing enterprises, and has the production qualifications for three categories of products.



Enterprise Spirit

Integrity, Dedication, Harmony, Innovation

Build Quality Products

Superb technology, advanced equipment, perfect management

Business Philosophy

Customer first, reputation first, quality first

Serve Attentively

We serve every customer with heart and strive to become a high-quality lighting manufacturer

The main products of each division are as follows:


Big Health Patch Division:
Hydrogel eye patch, crystal eye patch (eye mask), gel mask, antipyretic patch, cold compress patch, lifting mask (V face mask), motion sickness patch, heating patch, mosquito repellent patch, etc.;


Diaper Material Division:
Front adhesive stickers, left and right stickers, S-cut, disposable stickers, Velcro series products, Velcro fastening systems, etc. for diapers;


Medical Sensor Control Consumables Division:
Medical equipment sterilization packaging bags, seam bags, header bags, Tyvek cover materials, Tyvek bags.
Medical device sterilization packaging roll bag, pressure steam sterilization indicator tape, special tape for packaging, automatic packaging tape (strap), EO indicator tape, sterilization indicator label and card, sterilization biological indicator, challenge bag, BD bag, PCD challenge device, non-woven fabric for sterilization packaging, crepe paper, multi-enzyme cleaning agent, lubricating oil, rust remover, rust removal wipes, glue remover, cleaning basket, etc.

Chromatographic packing/chromatographic media:
Protein A/nanospheres, magnetic beads, desalting columns.


Electronic Materials Division:
Acetate cloth tape, heat-sealing film for FFC, heat-sealing film for light strip, reinforcing plate, etc.


Guangdong New Era New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen New Era External Use Drug Co., Ltd.


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