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PP left and right stickers, PP left and right stickers three-piece

For the product picture folder: PP left and right stickers (three pieces)


S cut


Winding hook


Non-woven Velcro Left and Right Stickers (Green Edge)

Non-woven Velcro Left and Right Stickers (Green Edge) Brief description: Material: non-woven fabric (square hole/sesame dot)/CPP/PET/BOPP Width: customized Length: 300M Color: blue, white, green (optional) For product image folder: Non-woven Velcro Left and Right Stickers (Green Edge)


Anterior lumbar membrane

PP anterior lumbar membrane Brief description: Material: BOPP Width: customized Length: 2500-4000M Color: Customized (up to 6 colors can be printed) For should product image folder: Front Waist Film


Front waist sticker

Magic front waist tape (mesh suede) Brief description: Material: BOPP/mesh/flannel Width: customized Length: 1000M Color: customized For should product image folder: Front Waist Sticker


Non-woven front waist tape

Brief description: Material: non-woven square hole / sesame point (laminated film) Width: customized Length: 700M color: White Style: small wave, small crescent For should product picture folder: Non Woven Front Waist Sticker


Abandon stickers

Brief description: Material: CPP/PET/BOPP Width: customized Length: 200M Color: blue, white, green (optional) For product image folders: Dump stickers


Single lift mask


Rose red single pull


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